Offering a Wide Selection of Antibiotics

For decades, Interchem has partnered with ACS Dobfar to deliver an expansive collection of cephalosporins, penicillins, carbapenems and other anti-infectives in several forms—lyophilized, injectable, or bags—to United States and international pharmaceutical companies.

Full-FDA Compliance

ACS Dobfar is an FDA- and European-compliant pharmaceutical manufacturer focused solely on antibiotic production. Because Interchem is an FDA United States Regulatory Agent, our Quality Assurance personnel regularly audit ACS Dobfar to ensure compliance.


Full Support

To advance your NDA or ANDA and speed your product development, you’ll get the relentless support that surrounds all Interchem API products. Interchem staff pre-review and maintain DMFs, provide electronic DMF submission, assess patent status, navigate the customs maze, and whatever else it takes to help get your product to market as quickly as possible.

More Products Available

If you don’t find the antibiotic that you need, contact the antibiotics team’s Theresa Kelly.

If your antibiotic is available from a quality source, we’ll find it for you.